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Getting back on the editing train and pumping out some videos. They make me very happy:)

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Big fan of this guy’s blog. He has a lot of great advice and words to motivate.

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Evan Sanders

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I’ll begin this post with the clichéd “Happy New Year” line. After all, the world didn’t end (as I suspected it wouldn’t) and we made it to 2013!!! I hope you rang in the new year with those closest to you and reflected on all you’ve achieved in the past year. I know that I have a lot of great memories to look back on from 2012 and I am looking very forward to the great adventures that are waiting for me in 2013!!

The year 2012 brought me a lot of new experiences. They ranged from completing my first internship, finishing my year long student research project, hitting the year mark for “Dancing For DeGeneres”, running for my university’s homecoming queen, and finishing my advertising major!! I’m proud of these accomplishments and thankful for everything they brought me. As always, I learned a lot of lessons about life and am learning more as we head into each day of 2013.

I hope to embark on an exciting adventure this year as I am expecting to graduate in the spring. I am not sure where I’ll end up or what job I’m going to get, but I am going to try and take it one day at a time. I’ve found again and again that when I think about all the things I intend to accomplish in a week, month, or even a year at a time, I become so overwhelmed that I miss the moments that really matter. I hope to take 2013 ONE DAY AT A TIME. Instead of setting a goal for the year, I would ultimately like to set small goals for each day whether they are to adopt a more positive attitude, be more confident, or keep dancing for the Ellen Show!!

I tried some new things in 2012 that were scary and overwhelming. I experienced moments where I needed to step out of my comfort zone even more than ever before. These were the best moments of my year. Why? Because they brought new people into my life, they made me stronger, they brought me closer to finding myself. I am not exactly sure who I am or what I’m meant to do with my life yet. I have dreams. I believe that everyone needs to have them. After all, a dream did power this blog and still does. However, I’m still learning how to believe in my dreams and myself 100%

Last week, I had a moment where I doubted myself and my qualifications for a future job. I remember saying, “I don’t have any one thing I’m good at. I don’t have any special skills. How will I ever get a job?” Most of the time I try my best to keep a positive attitude and after this moment of negativity, I re-evaluated my thoughts. It’s not my skills that make me qualified for a job. I should never compare myself to others. It’s very easy to let others define us, to let a style of clothing define us, to let our skills define us, to let our job define us…but these things don’t define us. What does define us is our ability to fall down and rise up even stronger. What defines us is our ability to fully accept ourselves from the inside out. What defines us is how we treat others. What defines us is our ability to look at each day as a chance to learn something new or learn something better. What defines us is our ability to take a risk, take a chance, or to do something that scares us. What defines us is our attitude and how we react to life’s moments.

These are things I’m still trying to grasp. I believe I’m getting closer to understanding myself and to simply do the things that make ME happy. Each day of 2013 is another moment to become more positive, take more risks, to help others, to do one thing that I LOVE every single day. And I wish for the same things in your life and on whatever journey you embark on in 2013! Remember that when one year ends, another begins. More chances to try, do, dance, and simply live more.

Keep Dancing.


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