This one features some of my lovely co-workers at TV-10 and my lovely co-workers from Mancino’s.



I know this is a few weeks old, but I’m editing my way through the videos I missed during Homecoming. Enjoy.



It’s already October. As always the first month of school whizzed right by and as I look out my window right now, the trees are decked out in their finest colors. I am excited for what this month has to offer, but I am so excited to share about all my awesome experiences from last month….

I realize that I haven’t written in awhile (or posted any videos), but there’s good reason for that. I decided that this year (my Senior year) I’m going to go out with a BANG and try tons of new things and meet new people and simply just have fun. Hence the reason why I decided to run for UWEC’s homecoming queen.

See, each year every organization on campus has the opportunity to run a candidate for homecoming court. This year, the organization that I am apart of (TV-10) decided to take part in the homecoming festivities. For those of you who don’t know, TV-10 is a student run TV station on campus. We produce various shows that play on channel 10 in the dorms. This year, we decided to take part in the homecoming festivities to get some publicity and band together as an organization. In conclusion, I was asked to be the representative and run for queen. It turned out to be one of the hardest and best experiences of my college career. I was so lucky to have some truly amazing people backing me up and helping me campaign all over campus. Seeing the people I work with come together to show their support for TV-10 was awesome!! At the end of it all, I did not win queen. However, that’s not what’s important. What is important is that I met new people, got my organization’s name out there, and got to hangout with my best friends everyday for a couple crazy weeks! I am so proud of everything we accomplished.

Now that I’m back to normal life, I would like everyone to know that I am still dancing for lady DeGeneres everyday. I am in the process of editing some videos and will get them up as soon as I can. Enjoy the fall weather!!

Stay Happy!



My TV-10 team. Couldn’t have done it without them!!


Giving out free bear hugs.


Me wearing the bear suit. Getting your morning started right.


My face chalked on campus. AMAZING.


On set of the show I co-produce.


Lovely homecoming court members.


Dancing with the king and queen.


One of my signs on campus!


Thanks for donating grinders Mancino’s!

My video from the first week of school.
Enjoy and have a great week.


Fall Freakout.

What a drastic difference in the weather from yesterday to today!!

With the weather being cold enough, I was finally able to wear a scarf and enjoy my first chai tea latte of the season. All of these things brought upon the warm feelings of fall and I am more than excited for the season to get rolling.

Like many, the fall is one of my favorite seasons and on my bike ride this evening I started thinking about why…

1. I like jackets…scratch that, I LOVE them. I have one in particular that is my ultimate favorite. It’s a bright green pea coat that I’ve had since high school. It completes all of my fall outfits and I even wear it into winter. I can’t wait until it’s cold enough to take it out of the back of my closet.

2. Hiking in the fall is beautiful. Just a few weeks ago, I visited Hoffman Hills in Menomonie and I highly recommend that everyone visit here come October. There is an observation tower from which you can see trees and farms for miles. It’s loopy trails make you feel like you’re in an entirely different place….very Hunger Gamesesque!

3. Corn Mazes because growing up my parents used to take me and my brother to the pumpkin patch every year. Once there, we would play hide and seek forever. I guess I still haven’t quite grown up and am always up for a good game of hide and seek. I went to an apple orchard last weekend and got lost in the corn maze. Hopefully I’ll get to do it again this year!

4. Warm Dranks! There is just something about a good coffee drank when it’s cold out. My personal faves are chai tea lattes and caramel apple spice lattes. Put on a crazy crewneck sweatshirt and grab a drank, you’ll feel instant happiness.

5. Roasts and pies and mashed potatoes. Just three of my fave fall foods. Once again, this connects to my childhood. Mama T’s apple crisp is most certainly the bomb. And I also just have a food addiction problem so there’s that.

6. Football games are great because you get to hangout with all your friends and eat food and be hardcore fans! Packers Fo lyfe.

7. Fall music. I have some personal favorite songs that remind me of the fall season and you can listen to them below. While I have MANY dance jamz (of course), these are the ones that I daydream to when I’m biking to class and walking on campus….

1. All At Sea-Jamie Cullum

[audio http://www.fuelfriendsblog.com/listenup/All%20At%20Sea%20(live%20at%20KFOG%20studios).mp3]

2. Follow the Arrow-Rosi Golan

[audio http://aurgasm.us/wp/uploads/rosi-golan-follow-the-arrow.mp3]

3. Beautiful Beat-Nada Surf

[audio http://www.fuelfriendsblog.com/listenup/Favorite%20Albums%202008/03%20Beautiful%20Beat.mp3]

4. Lions in Cages-Wolf Gang

[audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11214105/Lions%20In%20Cages.mp3]

5. Blood-The Middle East

[audio http://www.foeweel.com/compilations/BloodME.mp3]

I’m kind of obsessed with these songs. Credit to my roommate for sharing her music with me.

Anywho, just thought I’d update my blog a little bit and branch out from just posting my videos so you can get to know more about me!! Hope you all enjoy your fall season! Don’t stress out about school too much…do some dancing…it always helps;)


Learning to Fly.

Hope everyone’s first week of classes went just swimmingly!

This video captures my last week of summer which was the perfect capper to these past few months.

My roommate and I hiked around Hoffman Hills where we found “Carpe Diem” carved into the top of an observation tower. It was a friendly reminder to always seize the day. We also finished off summer with a visit to the Dells and spent quality time with some friends over the weekend.

Have a fantastic second week and remember to seize the day.

Also remember that things can get messy and tough sometimes, but try to keep a good outlook on life.
As cheesy as it sounds, we’re all learning to fly and that positive outlook can make our journey so much sweeter!

Stay Happy!

Just thought I’d post a little happiness for the first day of school.
I’m starting my senior year tomorrow so that’s pretty rad!!
I decided I’m going to embrace it.
I’ve spent too much time stressing about school these past few years.
Totes not worth it.
Keep cool party people!!