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Stay Tuned.

I don’t really know how to begin this post. So much in my life has changed so quickly…

I graduated from college on May 18th and the following week was thrown into a whirlwind of job interviews. Another week passed and before I knew it, I was on my way to start an internship in Minnesota. I packed up a few things and moved in with my cousins. However, life was about to change yet again.

The first day of my internship, I was offered a full-time job at an advertising agency (what I went to school for). This was my goal! Excitedly, I moved back home for another week, traveled to my new city to look for a place to live (two times), and finally made the big move. During this time, my life was so busy between moving several times and starting a new career that I let Dancing For Degeneres slide. I regret stopping with all my heart. It’s been three months since I’ve moved and I miss the positive vibes that this project provided me with. Now that I live solo and away from my family and my best friends, I need to learn to bring this happiness back into my life. 

I want to get back on the horse. Who says I can’t? Remember that life is what you make it. Everyone struggles sometimes. Everyone makes mistakes. But who says that your dreams can’t come true even after you’ve fallen down one time? I say that I can still show Ellen what I’m made of and learn even more about myself and my new city in the process. Keep on the look out. New videos WILL be coming soon!!!

Keep Dancing.






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Summer is finally here.

It’s crazy how fast time flies. At this time last year I was contemplating even doing this project. I’m so glad I chose to go through with it  because it has brought me many new friends and has created memories that are going to be with me forever. Not many people can say that they have everyday of the school year documented right?

I haven’t hit the one year mark for this project quite yet, but it’s approaching quickly. I’m still trying to figure out what I can do for the video on that day. If you know anyone who will dance with me, let me know:)

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I just wanted to share this video that I recently saw on another bloggers page. It gives a really positive message that I don’t think enough people stop to think about. It is also really interesting to know that the message in this video comes from a company called Holstee. The message is the basis for their business plan because they believe that whatever you are doing for a living, life should be associated with it. I found this very refreshing and inspiring. Enjoy!

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And so 2012 begins.

I hope that everybody had a fantastic 2011! Looking back, I realize that it was quite the year for me. I learned so much and had so many new experiences. I may not have accomplished my goal yet, but I feel like 2012 holds something great for this project. Looking at the year ahead makes me excited and full of brand new hopes and goals. I hope to dedicate myself to this project and really go for my dream full throttle.

I know I say thank you for watching my videos a lot, but really…THANK YOU. I hope that you are approaching the new year with big dreams. Don’t ever hesitate to go after them no matter how big or small. Also, remember to step outside the box and try new things. With some hard work and a vision of your dreams in mind everyday, you can make them come true. There are always going to be setbacks, but learn to look at them as tests that move you closer to your dreams.

So Happy New Year.

Stay positive. Stay happy. And always keep dancing.

P.S. Here is another video. I’m busy editing and uploading to catch up to the current day.

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Hello All! Just wanted to wish everyone in school good luck on all their finals. After this week, I’ll be on winter break for a whole month. I’m hoping to devote lots of time to this project and post lots of footage from the past few months. Please keep watching, telling you friends, loving life, and dancing! Hope you all have a merry Christmas!


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As the fall semester winds down and comes to a close, I find myself thinking about the progress I have made with this  project since day one. Not only have I met new people and made amazing memories, but I honestly think this whole thing has taught me some of the most valuable lessons about life.

One of these lessons is putting yourself out there. I have learned that this isn’t such a scary concept at all. Sure, just like anybody else, I was nervous about what others were going to think of my idea. The truth is, you’re always going to have people doubting you. Once you can look past that and realize in the end, they won’t matter, you will move closer to your dream.

I have also learned that you must always look to the positive side of things. There are so many days, especially during school, when I am tired and stressed out. Sometimes I start doubting myself. I start doubting this project and my ability to do other things. However, this just knocks you down even more. I have found that envisioning myself dancing on Ellen’s show helps me keep my head up. It helps me feel closer to achieving my dream more than anything else.

I have learned that this project is taking me somewhere. Since day one, I’ve gained so many wonderful supporters. This has made me realize that even if I don’t achieve my dream in it’s entirety, maybe I will have inspired others to do something they love each day. Maybe I will have made at least one person laugh. To see people having a good time in my videos is something that has made this worth while.

I know that someday, I’m going to look back on all this and it’s going to represent a major turning point in my life. Essentially it has made me a stronger person. It has made me grow up. It is preparing me for something. Maybe that something is not the Ellen Show. Maybe it is. I may not know the answer, but for now I’ll let my every action move me towards the wonderful things this project will produce.


Week 13:


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Hello to everybody who is reading this or following my videos!

First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone who has supported this. You have no idea how much it means to me.

I would like to let all of you know that I am still dancing but I have not been able to post my videos for a while due to a barrier that I am facing with Youtube.

They recently informed me that I am not allowed to edit music into my videos due to copyright infringement laws. I was not aware of this and most definitely am not using my videos to make any sort of profit. This project is strictly to pursue a long time dream of mine and to spread positive feelings to others. A few of my videos have been blocked on Youtube and I am still a little confused about what I am allowed to post. I am trying to figure out a legal way to use music in my videos as it only helps contribute to my expression in a big way. I don’t think my videos would have as much of an impact without music.

I’m trying to look at this setback as a test of my creativity. I figure, I am learning so much from this project that it will only help me someday.

Recently, my mom gave me some good advice. She told me that this experience is leading me to something. It might not be directly to the Ellen Show but it’s just a small piece in figuring out what I’m meant to do someday. It all sounds very corny but I think it’s true.

Remember that everything always has a way of working out. If you’re struggling to figure out what you want to do or struggling to pursue your dream, you can’t ever give up. Just give it your all and everything will fall into place.

Here is my last video from the summer. I was surprisingly able to post it a few days ago. Please bear with me as I figure out how to edit and post my videos from September and October!

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