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This past week was crazysauce! Did a whole bunch of wonderful things with some wonderful people. Went garage sale-ing and dug up a few gems then ventured to Valleyfair and soared from a 180 ft. tower (Terrifying and AMAZING at the same time) and wrapped it up with a quick visit to the State Fair and catching up with the g-rents. In conclusion, I got a whole slew of video clips I’m editing together right now. I’ll be posting a new one tomorrow. It’s going to be a good one:)

Keep Happy and Live it Up.



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Updated Youtube Page

I’ve updated my Youtube page with 6 Dancing For Degeneres videos!

Follow the link up above to watch.

All of them are now up-to-date and I will be posting new videos weekly.

Please keep an eye out for them and check out my new ones.

Stay Happy!

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