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Hello all.

I just finished editing this video from Christmas over the weekend. I got my grandparents (who are in their eighties) to dance with me and might I say it’s the cutest thing ever. I know it was quite some time ago, but probably the best part about editing these videos later on is that I get to look back on everything. This includes all the little events like sporadic living room dance parties with my roommates, playing with my little cousin whom I don’t see regularly, taking in the first snow of the year, dancing with our cat, Eli, holidays, and so much more. One of my friends recently brought up how crazy it will be to look back on all these videos when I’m older. Essentially, I’ve been documenting my life this past year. With each video, I can actually look at a day’s dance and recall almost everything about that day. If Ellen doesn’t see this (Which don’t worry, she will!) then I can be grateful for the memories that I will be able to look back on.


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And so 2012 begins.

I hope that everybody had a fantastic 2011! Looking back, I realize that it was quite the year for me. I learned so much and had so many new experiences. I may not have accomplished my goal yet, but I feel like 2012 holds something great for this project. Looking at the year ahead makes me excited and full of brand new hopes and goals. I hope to dedicate myself to this project and really go for my dream full throttle.

I know I say thank you for watching my videos a lot, but really…THANK YOU. I hope that you are approaching the new year with big dreams. Don’t ever hesitate to go after them no matter how big or small. Also, remember to step outside the box and try new things. With some hard work and a vision of your dreams in mind everyday, you can make them come true. There are always going to be setbacks, but learn to look at them as tests that move you closer to your dreams.

So Happy New Year.

Stay positive. Stay happy. And always keep dancing.

P.S. Here is another video. I’m busy editing and uploading to catch up to the current day.

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