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This past week was crazysauce! Did a whole bunch of wonderful things with some wonderful people. Went garage sale-ing and dug up a few gems then ventured to Valleyfair and soared from a 180 ft. tower (Terrifying and AMAZING at the same time) and wrapped it up with a quick visit to the State Fair and catching up with the g-rents. In conclusion, I got a whole slew of video clips I’m editing together right now. I’ll be posting a new one tomorrow. It’s going to be a good one:)

Keep Happy and Live it Up.



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Summer is finally here.

It’s crazy how fast time flies. At this time last year I was contemplating even doing this project. I’m so glad I chose to go through with it ┬ábecause it has brought me many new friends and has created memories that are going to be with me forever. Not many people can say that they have everyday of the school year documented right?

I haven’t hit the one year mark for this project quite yet, but it’s approaching quickly. I’m still trying to figure out what I can do for the video on that day. If you know anyone who will dance with me, let me know:)

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Hello all.

I just finished editing this video from Christmas over the weekend. I got my grandparents (who are in their eighties) to dance with me and might I say it’s the cutest thing ever. I know it was quite some time ago, but probably the best part about editing these videos later on is that I get to look back on everything. This includes all the little events like sporadic living room dance parties with my roommates, playing with my little cousin whom I don’t see regularly, taking in the first snow of the year, dancing with our cat, Eli, holidays, and so much more. One of my friends recently brought up how crazy it will be to look back on all these videos when I’m older. Essentially, I’ve been documenting my life this past year. With each video, I can actually look at a day’s dance and recall almost everything about that day. If Ellen doesn’t see this (Which don’t worry, she will!) then I can be grateful for the memories that I will be able to look back on.

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With school back in full swing, I’ve been pretty busy again.

While I had hoped to catch-up on my videos over break, I was only able to jump ahead about two months.

I’m trying my best to get videos up each week and I’m still dancing everyday. Not gonna give up:)

Also, I would like to apologize if some of the links won’t play on here. Please visit my Youtube page to view them.

I switched back to using real music as well because my videos became unblocked on Youtube.

I’m not sure how long they will be unblocked or why they were but I’m going to have fun while I can.

Thanks to all who are watching. I hope you are still enjoying them!

Here are two more weeks:



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I can’t believe it’s February already!

Posting first week of December for ya.

Thanks to all who are following, supporting, and helping me spread the word!


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